André Bergeron, Ruggles Award Recipient 2016

A founding member of the Archaeology and Ethnology lab of the Centre de conservation du Québec, André Bergeron is widely known for his work in preventive conservation and archaeological conservation, with a specialization in the conservation of waterlogged wood and underwater archaeology. Building bridges between conservation, archaeology and museology has long been André’s goal.  His bibliography is extensive, demonstrating proof of his commitment to disseminating conservation information and research for the benefit of conservators and archaeologists in Quebec, Canada and throughout the international community. Under Mr. Bergeron’s mentorship, the CCQ lab has trained many student interns, many of whom have become professional collaborators. He has been steadfast in his commitment to raising the profile of the conservation profession by regularly giving public presentations, publishing on-line resources, and coordinating for more than 15 years a conservation column in the Québec quarterly heritage magazine, Continuité.  He has been involved with the Canadian Association for the Conservation of Cultural Property since its earliest days, presenting at Annual Meetings, publishing in the CAC Journal, and chairing the 1990 Annual Conference. He also participated in the 1997 CAPC working group for accreditation, and in the revision of the CAC Code of Ethics, from 1998 to 2000.