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Call for Papers

46th Annual CAC Conference and Workshops

Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Sheraton Hamilton Hotel

May 5 – May 9, 2020

The Canadian Association for Conservation is pleased to announce that our 46th Annual Conference will be held on the traditional territories of the Mississauga and Haudenosaunee nations, and within the lands protected by the “Dish With One Spoon” wampum agreement. The conference will run May 7 to May 9, 2020 at Sheraton Hamilton Hotel in downtown Hamilton.

This year we request presentations and posters on all aspects of conservation relating to but not restricted to, artifacts, works of art, natural history specimens, archival materials, built heritage, and conservation science. Papers with connections to the local and surrounding areas of Hamilton are highly encouraged.

Abstracts are due October 31, 2019. Abstracts can be submitted in French or English through our online abstract submission.

Abstracts must have a maximum of 500 words, along with a bio of 200 words maximum per author.  The Program Committee will not review incomplete abstract proposals. Please note that speakers are not compensated and must register for the conference (single day registration is available).  The Program Committee will notify speakers by early December.

Questions? Please direct all questions about the conference to

Halifax Information


1233 LeMarchant Street, Halifax, NS

Monday, May 27 through to Saturday, June 1, 2019

60 Single Room Block Reservation

Regular rate per night: $45.50 + tax

Student rate per night: $30.00 + tax

To make a reservation visit:

Use the promo code: CAC19 to book accommodations in the conference block.

Students must present a valid student ID upon arrival in order to receive the discounted student rate.

If you require any assistance, please contact us by phone: 1 (888) 271-9222 or by email at:

How to get to Dalhousie University Risley Hall:

Campus Map:

ALTERNATIVE ACCOMMODATIONS (20 minute or less walk to Dalhousie University)

Hi Halifax, Heritage House

Atlantica Hotel Halifax

Garden South Park Inn

Lord Nelson Hotel & Suites

Worthing Place Botique Hotel & Suites


Coffee breaks will be catered each day and the 90-minute lunch break will give delegates time to explore the area.


Registration Now Open!


Early Bird

(until April 7, 2019)


(after April 7, 2019)

One Day
Member $300 $350 $175
Non-Member $390 $440 $225
Student $125 $160 $75


Gellan Gum Indigo Dye
Member $300 $200
Non-Member $390 $290
Student $175 $125

Note: As places are limited for the workshops and some of the conference activities, we strongly recommend using the online form, which gives you the best change to reserve a place.  Payments can be made by cheque or credit card.  Payments by cheque must be received within 10 days of registration.

Conference Program


University of Dalhousie, Scotiabank Auditorium, Marion McCain Arts and Social Sciences Building

6135 University Ave, Halifax, NS

Thursday, May 30, 2019 – Day 1

8:00 – 8:30

Registration & Delegate bag pick-up

8:30 – 9:00

Welcome & Introductions

9:00 – 9:45

Per Guldbeck Memorial Lecture

Karin Kierstead, Association of Nova Scotia Museums

9:50 – 10:20

BREAK: Sponsored by ASSURAT


Session Chair: Ian Loughead

10:25 – 10:45

A Series of Unfortunate Events, Now a Race Against Time – Saving Leduc’s Murals

Michelle Gallinger

10:50 – 11:10

Home in Nova Scotia

Ann Shaftel

11:15 – 11:35

The Salzinnes antiphonal project continued: treatment and exhibition of a 16th century liturgical manuscript

Christine McNair

11:40 – 11:45

Q & A

11:50 – 13:20


CAC-ACCR Regional Rep Meeting


Session Chair: Crystal Maitland

13:30 – 13:50

For the Birds: Revisiting Backing Removal with the Audubon Collection at Library and Archives Canada.

Laura Hashimoto

13:55 – 14:15

Unconventional Uses of Conventional Treatments: Three Case Studies in Paper Conservation

Kyla Ubbink

14:20 – 14:40

Fragments of Frankliniana: The Conservation of Arctic Exploration-Related Paper

Amanda Gould & Doris St-Jacques

14:45 – 14:50

Q & A

14:55 – 15:10


15:10 – 17:30


Art Gallery of Nova Scotia

Maritime Museum of the Atlantic

Nova Scotia Museum of Natural History

Government House of Nova Scotia

19:00 – 21:00

Conference Post-Dinner Reception

Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21, Rudolph P. Bratty Hall

Friday, May 31, 2019 – Day 2

8:30 – 8:45


8:50 – 8:55

Morning announcements


Session Chair: Cindy Colford

9:00 – 9:20

Insights from the 2018 Canadian Collections Care Survey

Gyllian Porteous & Sophia Zweifel

9:25 – 9:45

Revisions to the ASHRAE chapter and the CCI web pages on climate control specifications for 2019

Stefan Michalski

9:50 – 10:10

Energy Management of Heritage Facilities

Eric Hagan

10:15 – 10:20

Q & A

10:25 – 10:55

BREAK: Sponsored by Golden Artists Colours


Session Chair: Dee Stubbs-Lee

11:00 – 11:20

“You Wanna Put What in the Gallery?!”: Displaying Live Hide Beetles (D. maculatus) at the Royal Saskatchewan Museum

Victoria Kablys

11:25 – 11:45

Better Safe than Sorry: Creating a Hazardous Materials Manual for Museum of Vancouver

Fiona Hernandez & Hayley Monroe

11:50 – 12:10

We Like to Move It, Move It: creating successes in a challenging collections move

Erin Secord & Erika Range

12:15 -12:20

Q & A

12:25 -13:55


CAPC General Meeting


Session Chair: Tania Mottus

14:00 – 14:20

Excellent, Good, Fair, or Poor: A discussion on the Use and Development of Effective Rubrics for Heritage Collections

Mikaela Marchuk

14:25- 14:45

Beyond the Code: Ethics and private practice conservation

Kyla Ubbink

14:50 – 14:55


15:00- 15:30


15:35 – 17:35

CAC-ACCR Annual General Meeting

18:00 – 23:00

Banquet & Silent Auction

The Garrison Room, Halifax Citadel National Historic Site

Saturday, June 1, 2019– Day 3

8:30 – 8:45


8:50 – 8:55

Morning announcements


Session Chair: Diana Komejan

9:00 – 9:40


Unlocking the Potential in La Doll Clay as the New Filler Material for Ceramics

Sally Gunhee Kim

Accumulative Ritual Surfaces on Yaka, Teke and Bidjogo Figures: Ethical Considerations and Material Analysis

Charlotte Parent

Securing a Seat for the Prince of Wales: Minimally Intrusive Repairs to the Structural Upholstery of a Bespoke Jacques & Hay Chair

Amanda Salmon

Thataway Again, an Evaluation of an Anti-Graffiti Coating for Outdoor Painted Steel Sculpture

Carolyn Savage

Mounting the Insurmountable: A Non-adhesive Method for Mounting and Framing Unconventional Books

Laura Fedynyszyn

9:45 – 9:50

Q & A

9:55- 10:25



Session Chair: Miriam Harris

10:30 – 10:50

Modelling Nature: Understanding Conservation Issues in the Blaschka Glass Flowers

Scott Fulton

10:55 – 11:15


No Easy Tusk: Reversal of Preparation Work, and Re-treatment of Unstable Mammoth Tusks

Gigi Kulis & Susan Green

11:20 – 11:40


Industrial Conservation at Parks Canada: Approaches to the preservation of Canada’s industrial history

Antoine Pelletier & Megan O’Connor

11:45 – 11:50

Q & A

11:55 -13:25



CAC Advocacy Toolkit Brown Bag Session


Session Chair: Carolyn Leckie

13:30 – 13:50


The Mysterious M1: Reflections of the Treatment of a Mi’kmaq Basket

Anne MacKay

13:55 – 14:15


Conservation of the Mayo Lodge No 3 Yukon Order of the Pioneers silk banner

Gail Niinimaa

14:20 – 14:40


Preserving the Beauty of the Beasts: Conservation of Taxidermy Ornithology and Mammalogy Specimens

Gigi Kulis

14:45 -14:50

Q & A

14:55 – 15:00

Closing remarks



Tuesday, May 28 and Wednesday, May 29, 2018 – 9:00 am – 4:30 pm (each day)

Location: Art Gallery of Nova Scotia ▪ 1723 Hollis Street ▪ HalifaxNS

Limit of 16 participants

In the past several years the use of rigid polysaccharide hydro-gels has increased in paper conservation, and is expanding to other porous materials. Gellum gum is one of the least expensive hydrogels, and was initially tested by paper conservators at the ICPAL in Rome.  This workshop will introduce the chemistry, material properties and theory of gel use, augmented by case studies showing various aspects of the gel in action. After providing this theoretical grounding, the majority of the workshop will be spent exploring hands-on applications. Participants will be encouraged to bring didactic samples for experimentation. The two-day workshop will explore:

  • Gel preparation:
    • The effects of variations of concentrations and film thicknesses for both the standard low-acyl gellan and the combined low- and high-acyl gellan gum
    • Methods for adding various reagents to the gels (chelators, enzymes, reducing agents and deacidification agents)
  • Treatment applications:
    • Overall washing of paper-based objects
    • Local applications for controlled wetting (e.g. paper backing removals, removal of book spine linings, removal of paper labels off paintings or other artifacts)
    • Localized tideline or stain-reducing techniques
    • More complex washing treatments: paper objects with sensitive media, textiles, photographs, three-dimensional artifacts etc.  
    • Gel delivery of aqueous reagents

Though taught from the perspective of paper conservators, and building largely on case studies of the treatment of paper artifacts, participants from other conservation disciplines who are interested in controlled aqueous treatments are also welcome to attend.

Instructor Biographies:

Crystal Maitland joined the Canadian Conservation Institute (CCI) in 2015 as their Works of Art on Paper Conservator, having returned to Canada after a seven-year stint as the Paper Conservator for the Johns Hopkins University Sheridan Libraries and Museums in Baltimore, MD. Crystal received both her Masters of Art Conservation (MAC) in paper conservation and her Honour Bachelors of Chemistry from Queen’s University. In addition to using gellan gum in treatments, Crystal has experimented with gellan gum applications and is interested in exploring the boundaries of the gel preparation methods for applications both inside and outside the paper lab.

Greg Hill is Senior Conservator of Archival and Photographic Materials at the Canadian Conservation Institute where he conducts treatments, contributes to a range of research projects and presents workshops for the archival and fine art community across Canada. Prior to CCI, Greg worked at Library and Archives Canada in a variety of capacities including Head of Prints and Drawings Conservation and Photograph Conservation, preservation advisor for the former Portrait Gallery of Canada and technical advisor for the new nitrate film storage vault building project. He has spoken and written on a range of subjects related to the conservation and preservation of archival and photographic materials.



Wednesday, May 29, 2019 – 9:00 am – 4:00 pm

Location: Centre for Craft Nova Scotia  ▪ 1061 (Suite 140) and 1096 Marginal Road  ▪ Halifax, NS

Limit of 10 participants

Indigo dye is breathtaking – experience the magic as the fabric changes from lime green to indigo blue before your eyes. Shibori is the ancient Japanese form of dyeing that revolves around different ways of binding and folding fabric to create different patterns and is most commonly practiced with indigo. We will make a variety of shibori samples exploring both Nui (stitched) and itajime (bound and resist) designs. The fabric samples are large enough to be used as Furoshiki (Japanese wrapping cloth) which are both beautiful and functional. They can be used for a lunch bag alternative, a eco-wrapping technique, or scarf or garment.

Instructor Biography:

Kate Ward is an interdisciplinary artist and educator whose research driven practice investigates the relationship between art, ritual spaces and cultural meaning. Her practice engages with issues of public space and social engagement in contemporary cultures, drawing references from the geolithic, neolithic, through to modern neuroscience technologies.


Art Gallery of Nova Scotia

Thursday May 30, 2019, 3:10pm – 5:30pm

Tour Cost: $10.00 (includes transportation to the tour site from Dalhousie University)

Behind-the-scenes tour of collections and conservation spaces, explaining what staff do, the gallery’s focus (preventative/active conservation, current storage, and related projects), and how the gallery utilizes and functions in a renovated historic building continually updated by the province. Tour members will explore vault storage as well as walk through the exhibition spaces.


Nova Scotia Museum of Natural History 

Thursday May 30, 2019, 3:10pm – 5:30pm

Tour Cost: $10.00 (includes transportation to the tour site from Dalhousie University)

Behind-the-scenes tour of collection storage areas, which will include a discussion about the unique issues involved in accessioning, storage, handling and conservation.


The Maritime Museum of the Atlantic

Thursday May 30, 2019, 3:10pm – 5:30pm

Tour Cost: $10.00 (includes transportation to the tour site from Dalhousie University)

Behind-the-scenes tour led by Roger Marsters, Curator of Marine History, and Amber Laurie, Assistant Curator/Registrar of Marine History; both part of the Nova Scotia Museum Collections Unit. Tour members will see multiple artifact storage areas and then be able to walk through the exhibition spaces.


Government House

Thursday May 30, 2019, 3:10pm – 5:30pm

Tour Cost: $10.00 (includes transportation to the tour site from Dalhousie University)

A tour of Government House will include viewing the Main Foyer, Grand Staircase, Ballroom, Morning Room, Drawing Room, and Dining Room. There will also be a discussion on the treatment and display of four WWI Colours with Ann Shaftel.



Wednesday, May 29, 2019, 7:00pm – 9:30pm

Lower Deck – Beer Market

1887 Upper Water Street, Halifax, NS

Put on your thinking caps and join us for an evening of fun, good company, and friendly competition. Participation is free, so come test your knowledge on all things pop culture, history, art, literature, animals, geography, and of course, conservation!

Food and drink are available for individual purchase.

Free live music to follow trivia event.



Thursday May 30, 2019, 7:00pm – 9:00pm

Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21, Rudolph P. Bratty Hall

1055 Marginal Road, Halifax, NS

CAC invites conference delegates to experience the multicultural heritage of our nation through guided tours of the exhibits and interactives in the Rudolph P Bratty Hall. Catch up with longstanding colleagues and meet new ones while taking in the breathtaking views of the Halifax Harbour.

Complementary post-dinner snacks and first beverage

Cash bar



Friday May 31, 2019, 6:30pm – 10:00pm

Halifax Citadel National Historic Site

5425 Sackville Street, Halifax, NS

Join other conference delegates for a night of delicious food, good conversation and fierce bidding wars! A Highlands Piper will greet delegates who will enjoy a buffet dinner in the elegant North Magazine Garrison Room, the annual silent auction in the Naval Room, and 30 minute guided tours of the historic site. There is also the opportunity to congratulate the Charles Mervyn Ruggles and Emerging Conservator award winners.

Ticket cost: $95.00 per person

Ticket includes: buffet dinner, first beverage, and guided tour

Cash bar

Delegates provide own transportation

The silent auction is made possible by donations made from institutions and individuals. It may include artwork, memberships, vouchers, gift certificates, etc. We are looking for donations that would be appealing to you. The deadline for donation form completion is May 7, 2019.

CAC Annual Conference Silent Auction Donation Form



Saturday June 1, 2019, 11:55 am – 13:25 pm

Dalhousie University, Scotiabank Auditorium, Marion McCain Arts and Social Sciences Building,

6135 University Ave, Halifax, NS

Interested in raising conservation awareness through social media? Want to be more engaged politically? Have an upcoming talk for which you need to explain the importance of conservation? Join the Advocacy Committee for a brown bag lunch session on Saturday, June 1 in Halifax to learn how to utilize the Advocacy Toolkit’s resources to your advantage!  The Toolkit, a series of resources to encourage and empower Canadian conservators to advocate for conservation, will be discussed in detail, expanding on each resource and offering direction on the potential ways they can be used. The Advocacy Committee encourages all members to email prior to the conference with any questions related to advocacy they would like to have addressed. Lunch is available for pre-purchase, please see the online registration form for further details.

Lunch cost: $15.00 per person

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