Krysia Spirydowicz, Ruggles Award Recipient 2008

Krysia Spirydowicz graduated in classical languages and archaeology from the University of Alberta, Edmonton: B.A. honours 1967 and M.A., 1969.  She specialized in artifact conservation at the Istituto centrale del Restauro, Rome, Italy, 1972 and at Queen’s University, Kingston, Master of Art Conservation Program, 1977.  She was Co-ordinator of the Art Conservation Techniques Program at Sir Sandford Fleming College, Peterborough, Ontario from 1979-1985.  She joined the faculty of the Art Conservation Program at Queen’s University in 1985. Currently, she holds the position of Program Director and Associate Professor of Artifact Conservation.  Krysia has participated in many archaeological excavations and international conservation projects in Italy, Israel, the Sudan and Iran.  As Senior Conservator for the Gordion Furniture Project, Krysia directed the conservation treatment of the ancient wooden furniture from Gordion at the Museum of Anatolian Civilizations in Ankara, Turkey from 1990-2001.  She continues to be involved with research and publication of this group of spectacular finds which is now recognized as one of the largest and most important collections of furniture from the Ancient Near East.