Laszlo Cser, Ruggles Award Recipient 2011

Laszlo Cser began fixing things as part of his job description as a delivery driver for an oriental art gallery in 1975, which led to an ever expanding exploration of both materials and treatments of objects for antiquarians and art galleries in Montreal. Self training was pursued alongside advice from craftsmen, product manufacturers, and skilled amateurs, in conjunction with the study of the two available books at the time about practical conservation, Harold Plenderleith’s The Conservation of Antiquities and Works of Art and Carl Dame Clarke’s Pictures, Their Preservation and Restoration. Returning to Toronto in 1978 provided new horizons and restrained adventures with the cleaning of paintings.  Accredited in 1994 as a Conservator specializing in paintings by the CAPC (Canadian Association of Professional Conservators), and as a Professional Associate by the AIC (American Institute of Conservation) in 1995, he is also a Professional Member of the CAHP (Canadian Association of Heritage Professionals). He has maintained memberships since the 1980s in the CAC (Canadian Association for Conservation), IIC (International Institute of Conservation), ICOM (International Council of Museums), and the APT (Association for Preservation Technology).