J.IIC-CG VOLUME 3 (1977)

Conservation of Two Whale’s Bone Fittings: Reconstruction and Support

B. Ann Krahn

The conservation of two whale’s bone artifacts, DgRw4:3011 and 3012, excavated as 250 fragments, is described. These semi-cylindrical fittings seem to have served as upper arm shields and varied in thickness from 1.0 and 2.5 mm. Their reconstruction to approximate their original shapes is described. Realignment was accomplished on a modelled Plasticine-covered core and the fragments were bonded to each other and to a silk crêpeline backing with a polyvinyl acetate adhesive. Casting was necessary to prepare an accurate support in clear acrylic for each artifact; to this end the porous, fragile bone was isolated from the casting material by a thin lead-antimony foil which rendered detail effectively.

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