J.CAC VOLUME 47 (2023)

Technical Note on Creating Silica Gel Cassettes In-house

Erika Range, Leslie Hutchinson

This technical note presents an illustrated, step-by-step process for making refillable silica gel cassettes from acrylic sheet offcuts and Reemay non-woven fabric. This technique was developed by conservators at Ingenium – Canada’s Museums of Science and Innovation as a cost-effective and green alternative to buying commercially made cassettes. These reusable cassettes provide a more robust and efficient alternative to sewn sachets. Deploying the cassettes on edge maximizes surface area and air flow, and allows for an increased rate of response of the silica gel during changes in relative humidity. Ingenium conservators created standardized sizes for ease of deployment and have found these sturdier cassettes beneficial for travelling exhibitions.

Download: JCAC47 Range & Hutchinson