J.CAC VOLUME 46 (2021–22)

Metamorphosis: Moving, Rehousing and Transforming Access to the Indigenous Studies Collection at the Royal Saskatchewan Museum

Victoria Kablys, Emilie Demers, Alicia Ghadban-Friesen

In 2019, the Royal Saskatchewan Museum undertook a storage reorganization project using the RE-ORG Method for its Indigenous Studies Collection. This collection was suboptimally housed in a storage room outfitted with inadequate and overcrowded storage furniture. Access was impeded by the physical storage configuration, object storage methods and gaps in collections management. A RE-ORG evaluation of the space, its storage furniture and small equipment, and the collection, its documentation system and administrative framework informed the planning and implementation of a storage reorganization, a comprehensive collection inventory and condition assessment, and overall resource management. Improvements were made to the physical storage configuration by replacing a large portion of the static open shelving with mobile shelving and by installing gridwalls and new cabinets, in addition to reusing some existing furniture. Storage mounts were designed and fabricated to improve collection preservation and ease of access, and in some cases, to aid in the temporary relocation process. This paper discusses the planning and implementation of this storage reorganization project, and details how collection preservation issues were addressed to facilitate both immediate and long-term access and use.

Download: JCAC46 Kablys et al.